Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Last Four and a Half Years in a Nutshell

Greg was recently fooling around with the video camera and "interviewing" Ethan while he was playing trains. He asked him what his three favorite things to do with Daddy were, and Ethan quickly rattled them off. I don't even remember what they were now, but there were definitely three, and he didn't have to dig deep.

Then it was my turn. "What are your three favorite things to do with Mommy?"

Number one came quickly. "Bake muffins!" Ethan said.

Then there was a long, uncomfortable pause. One that was probably, I don't know, six times as long as it needed to be.

"Watch tv?" Ethan offered tentatively, half statement, half question.

Then there was an interminable wait. Truly interminable. Finally, he spoke again, and plunged his four year old knife as deep as he could into the heart of a stay-at-home mother.

"I can't really think of a third thing."

I can't either, E. I'm too busy dusting off my resume.

Kidding! Kidding! OK, well, maybe not entirely....Sigh.


  1. Ha ha! I was dethroned as the 'fun parent' a few years ago. I'm still bitter. :-)

  2. This is priceless. Thx for sharing!

    Delia Lloyd