Monday, February 23, 2009

Cora Paige

I was recently accused of being the most morose person on earth, an accusation I plan to address more fully in a future blog post. (In my defense, the accusation was leveled while I was serving Cosmopolitans to a house full of girlfriends at my semi-annual Miss America party, so I can't be all that bad, right?)

For now, I plan to channel my dark obsession with sad stories of woe and loss into something positive.

My friend Vicki, the insanely creative and talented force behind Three Wheels Design, recently alerted me to the heartbreaking story of Cora Paige McClenahan, a ten month old girl from Kansas who died earlier this month after being diagnosed only weeks earlier with stage four neuroblastoma. Cora's mom is a blogger, and word quickly went out through the blogosphere of the McClenahan's terrible loss. A project is now underway at to raise money for a playground in Cora's honor. 150 different Etsy sellers (including Vicki) are donating the proceeds from the sale of certain items to the effort.

You can read more about the etsy project here and follow links to purchase something. To see Vicki's super-cute daughter Jane modeling her Cora Paige shirt from etsy seller I Love Plum, click here.

I just bought Alec this ridiculously cute I Love Plum shirt in Cora's memory.

Here's a convenient button that will take you right to all the Cora Paige items for sale.


Rest in peace, little Cora Paige.

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  1. Thanks for your support and kind words. I can't help but cry every time I read Cora's story.

    Let's help build that playground :)