Saturday, February 14, 2009

That's My Boy

Ethan has always been a pretty easy-going kid. In the year and a half since he's been in preschool, we've really never had reports of bad behavior. A few times the teachers have pulled us aside to tell us there's been an incident of some sort, but it's almost always one in which he was on the receiving end of something. Ethan's just not a troublemaker. Trying in plenty of other ways, I promise, but just not an instigator.

So I knew something was up when I went to pick him up last week and saw the teacher making a beeline for our car in that determined "I need to speak with you" kind of way. There was an unfamiliar edge to her face, something that told me this time was going to be a little different. She motioned for me to open the window.

"I just wanted to let you know something happened today," she began. Sure enough, Ethan was the one who had gotten in trouble.

So what was it that prompted my son's first brush with the law?

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Exhibit A.

It's, um, a snack cake.

But not just any snack cake. It's a Disney "Racing Cake," specifically put into his lunch box because, of course, it was letter R week, and the kids get special notes if they find things in their lunch that start with the letter of the week. (We're not discussing the fact that for "O" week I actually picked through an entire tub of alphabet cookies and weeded out all the O's for him, only to have him fail to notice. A mother's work is never done, you know.)

So apparently our little man really really really wanted that Racing Cake. So much so that he sneakily threw out his sandwich so that his teachers would think he had eaten it and would allow him to move on to the Racing Cake. Ethan, however, was busted during this little maneuver. And reduced to hysterical tears, though it's unclear whether that was over getting in trouble or over the fact that they told him he wasn't going to get to eat the cake.

What can I say? My boy likes his cake.

To anyone who knows how seriously I take my snack foods, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Yet one more piece of proof that the apple really doesn't fall far.


  1. I love the image of you picking through the tub of cookies for the O's! And thanks for the seriously entertaining pic of E demolishing that cake with a devilish glee in his eyes, fork poised in triumph (in the battle of boy over cake, who will win?).

  2. I think a snack cake-oriented life of crime is really the best kind! The Abe Lincoln thing cracked me up--glad to have found your blog!