Thursday, March 26, 2009

Motown Week

There's something about an American Idol week like this one that I both love and hate.

Love it because the bottom three are so patently obvious. Michael, Scott and Megan. I say so. Dialidol says so.

The standouts were also pretty obvious, too. Much as I can't stand Adam, I have to say his performance was in such a different league from the others it was a little embarrassing. It's so funny. You watch the judges try and explain what wasn't great about some of the other performances, struggling to find more interesting things to say than, "It was just alright, dog." Struggling to explain to someone like Scott why it's not just about singing well. At this level of competition, they've all shown they're pretty great singers. It really is, as Kara said, about artistry. And then someone like Adam gets up there and you just want to say, "Yeah. Um. What he did."

But for the record, every time he sang, "Take a good look at my face," all I could think about was how much foundation he wears.

Anyway, what's tricky about weeks like this is when three people so obviously fall well below the line, it's almost impossible to put them in the right order and say who will get the boot. I think it's a total tossup. You might as well put their names in a hat. Actually, you might as well put Michael and Megan's names in a hat. Dialidol says it's Michael, which I would have no problem with. He has the same body type as a particularly egregious former boyfriend; every performance has me reliving a rather unfortunate chapter of my life.

I could just as easily see it being Megan. (And would love -- love! -- to be spared another week of that hands-on-hips bobbing maneuver she appears to think is dancing.)

So what the hell. I'll go with Dialidol and say Buh-Bye Michael. And while we're at it, Buh-Bye to all bad boyfriends everywhere.


  1. Buh-Bye.

    Thanks for the re-cap. Somehow I missed it last night!

  2. I love it! Yes, I think Megan is gone...and there is something about her annunciation ( or lack thereof!)