Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shame on you, ABC

We've all been bemoaning how low reality tv is sinking. That's nothing new.

But when is ABC going to come to its senses and put a stop to the trainwreck that is The Bachelor? I mean, for real. It's simply gone beyond any semblance of human decency now. 13 seasons. 1 wedding. Congratulations, ABC. You're a regular cupid.

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, in last night's Season Finale, Bachelor Jason (who proposed to Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas in last season's finale and was rejected) proposed to finalist Melissa. Only to dump her on the "After the Final Rose" special and then ask if the rejected first runner-up, who he sent packing in the Season Finale, might reconsider. And then proceeded to make out with her. On national television. And there's a blogger who claims to have reliable inside information that this was all planned in advance.

I don't want to sound all stick-in-the-muddish, and I don't usually get my back up about stuff like this, but enough is enough. We all have to stop this, as intelligent adults. We, as viewers, must stop watching. Companies, as advertisers, must stop advertising. We, as consumers, must stop supporting those companies who are advertising. The idea that something as important as picking a spouse can be the result of a eight week televised reality competition is disgusting. It's manipulative. It's an embarrassment to the sanctity of marriage...not that that's a loaded phrase or anything.

I distinctly remember one of the voiceovers from a previous season (yes, I've watched many of them) as the final decision loomed. I don't remember which bachelor it was (they all sound alike after a while), but he was bemoaning how difficult the final decision was. "I'm in love with two women. I can't believe how torn I am. How can I possibly make this choice?"

Well, the answer, in the real world, is you don't. If you're really that torn up about loving two people at once, it just might be a sign that this isn't the right time to ask one of them to spend eternity with you. Or, more precisely, to present them with a promotional Neil Lane diamond. (Did you see how prominently that name flashed when he opened the box?? Ugh.)

As I'm writing this, I can't even believe how ridiculous all this sounds. And don't even get me started on the fact that Jason Mesnick is a father, for God's sake. Way to go, dude. Show your son what it means to be an upstanding man. And don't worry. Molly will be a great stepmom! Just look at the way she spent 20 minutes playing kite and splashing in the ocean with you! No prob! A Television Without Pity poster wrote, "I hope Jason's ex-wife is out hiring a lawyer to try to get full custody of Ty." Hear, hear.

Whether it's all scripted, or these people are actually deluded enough to try to find life partners this way, I don't care anymore. Just stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.


  1. well said. i don't watch and suppose i never will after reading this-

  2. Nice going Jen, we Mendelsohns have to fight stupidity wherever we find it which seems to everywhere lately

  3. I spent a little time on that Reality Steve blog, which convinced me first and foremost that that if anyone spent as much time and energy searching for a cancer cure as this guy spends pontificating about reality TV, there would be a lot of happy people out there! Anyway, I do think Jason is a gigantic tool and that the whole thing was a huge mess, but I'm not buying the whole conspiracy theory that the producers forced him to choose Melissa and then dump her. After 13 seasons, it's really not that surprising that SOMEone decided to pursue things with their #2 choice after it didn't work out with their top choice, and it just makes no sense to me that Jason would voluntarily make himself Ass of the Week just to get ratings for a show he's already on no matter what. Anyway, interesting stuff!