Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Allison! Allison! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

OK, people. From here on out I'm just going to say every week it's Allison. Because I've only been wrong twice this season. And both times it's because I've incorrectly predicted her departure. So if I just keep saying Allison, I have to be right eventually, right?

But I actually loved Allison last night, for doing a bang up job on one of my all-time favorite songs, Someone to Watch Over Me. My boy Kris did a solid The Way You Look Tonight. I'm going to love watching those two battle it out for third place, because unless we have a Oh-My-God-Chris-Daughtry-got-kicked-off-in-4th-place moment, the finals will almost certainly be Adam and Danny. Have I mentioned I don't like Adam? Yes, I think I have. (By the way, I've gotten used to the fact that Adam wears eyeliner, but I could swear he had pink lip gloss on last night, too.) And I'm no huge Danny fan, either. Which makes for a pretty anti-climactic rest of the season for me.

Tonight's departure will, of course, be Matt. Because I don't know what Simon was smoking, or whether it's all part of some grand conspiracy where the judges purposefully prop up or ream certain contestants regardless of their performance, but Matt was just horrible.

He'll be joined in the bottom three by Allison and Kris, but he will depart, just as he should have two weeks ago before they did that whole judges' save nonsense. Buh-bye weird moley-skintag-thingie!


  1. I like Adam because he's entertaining. He's weird and reminds me a TON of a young Liberace (the mouth and the smile).

    I think moley mole mole will be leaving too, and I am glad for it. OVER him.

  2. Were you as shocked as I was that Adam and Kris were in the bottom three? While I was glad to see Matt go, I was just amazed that Allison and Danny started off on the couch together! Allison is surely to go next unless she just knocks one out of the park during RNR week! We shall see........