Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol, Week 4

Um, hello? Kris Allen, anyone? Wow. Just wow.

So I'm thinking that last night broke down neatly into three little trios.

At the top, Kris, Danny and Adam. Who might well be gunning for the final three at this point.

In the middle, Scott (who redeemed himself ever so slightly with a heartfelt "Just the Way You Are" and much better hair, but clearly isn't long for the competition), Lil, (Celine Dion? What-evs. She's been this year's biggest disappointment for me) and Allison, who is clearly so freaking talented it's scary but again, strikes me as someone who'll be gone before long. She's lacking ultra-likability, I think. Dialidol actually has her in the bottom three, which wouldn't surprise me at all. If you could be kicked off for your outfit, she should be.

And then my bottom three. My boy Anoop, who, much as I adore him, sadly proved that he is just way out of his depth here. Then there's the chameleon-like Matt Giraud, who just can't seem to figure out if he's Chris Martin or Ray Charles. And clearly had no idea, judging from his reaction to the judges, that he stank up the place so badly.

And then there's Megan. Oh, Megan. She has quickly become this year's Sanjaya. Or Antonella. I grimace when she takes the stage. And something about her singing reminds me of ventriloquy. Seriously. Just please, America, in the name of all things Good and Right: Send. Her. Packing. Tonight. Thank you.

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