Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Powers That Be

(Warning, this post is graphic. But might be familiar to any parents who've survived stomach bugs.)

Dear Powers that Be:

Just wanted to let you know that having the drain in my utility sink get clogged with vomit from rinsing out Alec's puke-sodden clothes, causing my washing machine to overflow and flood my entire basement was really not particularly what I needed today. Dealing with extremely sick, inconsolably miserable puking/diarrheaing toddler while trying to prepare to have 18 people here for Passover seder (while older son is off school) was really enough, thanks.



P.S. I'm not sure if it's mean to post a picture of your sick toddler, but he's so frigging cute in his ragdoll state it's going to break my heart. Oh, and that's not blood on his face, it's the remnants of a cherry Pedialyte popsicle.


  1. These are the moments all your friends who have kids neglect to mention to you when they're telling you how great it is to have kids (before you had kids). Luckily, these moments do seem to fade (most likely a result of the sleep deprivation) and happen infrequently enough that we still do love having kids (puke and all) and love being a Mom. I feel your pain sister... and when the bug passes, I'll happily share your joy!

    Let me know if I can help (from a distance of course;)

  2. I guess I forgot to lay out that I of course had to scoop the offending clog out. With a gloved hand, but still....

  3. Oh no! I'm not sure which one of you I feel worse for!

  4. Aw, man. Isn't it funny how 90 percent of parenting lows seem to have vomiting (and the other stuff) as icing (ick!) on the cake?
    Hope everybody's better soon!!!

  5. Oh - poor little guy! I completely understand - though the flooding and sick kiddos were not on the same day for me!! You are a trooper!