Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lucky Seven

Was it just me or has American Idol begun to stall a bit? Last night was, well, it was just alright for me. I found myself just wanting to get it over with already.

The highlights for me? Well number one has nothing to do with American Idol, really, but was the sight of actor Phil LaMarr, who is married to one of my best friends from camp, cowering in the corner in the scene from Pulp Fiction at the opening of the Tarantino tribute. (He was the guy who accidentally gets his head blown off in the back of the car.) So now I can say I know someone who was on American Idol. Kind of.

Anyway, my real number one highlight would be Kris, who is quickly gaining in my affection, choosing the awesome song "Falling Slowly" from the magical little Irish film Once. The highlight wasn't necessarily Kris' performance, which was heartfelt but didn't exactly bring me to my knees, but just that he chose it. It seemed a cool, non-Idolish thing to do. And we like that 'round here. We also think Kris is ridiculously dreamy.

Number two would be Anoop, who will never, in a million years, win this thing, but whose voice I love and whose eyebrows fascinate me. Memo to the stylists, however: Why is he always dressed like he's Archie from the comics, with those letter sweater-looking things and thin ties? Does the fact that he's a graduate student automatically mean your only choice is to dress him like he's going to a fraternity sock hop, circa 1955?

Number three is going to be Danny, only because I'm old enough to have, like, seen Endless Love in a theater and have a huge soft spot for that song, which he delivered pretty spot on. I think Danny will clearly go on to have a career of some sort, whether he wins this thing or not. DialIdol says he was last night's biggest votegetter, no doubt for sentimental reasons.

While I'm clearly in the minority, judging by the reaction in the theater, the lowest point for me was Adam's Born to be Wild screechfest. Adam doing Mad World? Brilliant. Tracks of My Tears? Inspired. But it's when Adam lets loose his inner Steven Tyler that I cringe with embarrassment for him. I'm just not a fan. The eye makeup was flawless, though.

I'll confess I barely watched Allison's competent I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, and felt the judges were a little too harsh on Lil's gospel-inspired The Rose. (Though she once again proved without a doubt she's this season's biggest disappoinment.) And Matt just kind of sleepwalked through another week with Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? I think it's just enough to have him fall through the cracks.

DialIdol puts Kris dead last, followed by Matt and Allison, but we know they said the same thing last week and they were wrong. I'm being stubborn and refusing to think my cutiepie Kris is even in the bottom three.

So I'm going to say bottom three are Matt, Allison and Lil, although I suspect Anoop could very likely be in that third spot instead of Lil. Sayonara Matt.


  1. You need to listen to more Bob Dylan and less of this made-for-TV karaoke crap.

    Your loving brother, matt

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