Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Year They Were Born

I bet you thought I was going to go on and on about how I'm freaking out they were all born when I was already in high school. Or college. That they're the same age as the kids I used to babysit. Or, in Allison's case, they were born when I was already two years out of college and living on my own. Which makes me easily old enough to be her mother, let alone her babysitter. And probably way too old to be obsessed with this show.

Anyway, that's not what I'm going to go on and on about. I'm going to go on and on about what a strange up and down night it was. Yo-yo indeed, just as Simon said. If you were down last week (Matt, Anoop) you worked it out. If you were up last week (Kris!) you stank. But can I just say that I am so done with Simon calling performances "indulgent, boring, and forgettable"? Kris' wasn't the greatest performance, but it wasn't indulgent. Adam having sex on stage to Ring of Fire was indulgent. Learn some new adjectives, Simon.

Clearly, once again, Adam shone way above the pack. I have a special soft spot in my heart for Tears for Fears, and he was incredible, even though I had to watch him on the web since my DVR cut him off. But I'm starting to wonder if we're being set up here in a Clay Aiken-kind of way. Clear frontrunners sometimes don't win American Idol. I, for one, was completely convinced David Archuleta was a lock last year. Oops.

Anyway, my homeboy Anoop boomeranged back into the top for me, although DialIdol has him in the bottom three. I would hate for him to go. Allison and Danny were predictably solid, but Danny is somehow starting to get really boring for me and verging on grating. Matt was good, although not quite as good as the judges seemed to think.

For me, last night's bottom three were Kris, Lil and Scott. Kris' performance somehow reminded me of a band from my high school doing a much-loved rendition of The Hooters' "And We Danced." I don't think Lil quite deserved the dreaded "it's just karaoke" drubbing she got, although even my somewhat pop culture illiterate mother said, "She's even dancing just like Tina Turner!" during the performance. DialIdol says it's Kris at the very bottom. Could it be? One off week and sayonara to the dark horse of the last two weeks? I hope not.

Personally, I think it's time for Scott say goodbye. And then go get his canine teeth shaved down. I'm a horrible person, aren't I?


  1. Not a fan of Scott here either. Send him packing.

  2. Kinda glad to see him go home last night - he will end up somewhere someday but he was on my list too.

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