Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks, Kenny B

So my old friend Ken Baker of E!, who I helped get his job at People magazine way back in the mesozoic era of journalism -- pre-Facebook, pre-Google, pre-Blackberries, and not quite but almost pre-e-mail, gave me a shout out on Twitter today. (Remember when "Ask Jeeves" seemed like the coolest thing ever? And your cell phone weighed about 14 pounds?)

If you're one of Ken's tweeps stopping by, hey! Thanks for visiting. And while you're at it, follow me on Twitter, won't ya? I'm only 14,094 followers behind!

Oh, and tell him I love him, even if he does look just like Murray the Red Wiggle.


  1. So cool!! And ohmygod, he DOES look like Murray. Can he play the guitar?

  2. Very cool. Now I'm following you. :)