Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coincidence? You be the judge.

Two nights ago I put up a quick blog post about Audra McDonald, and how I was moved to tears by a performance of hers eight years ago.

Today, while looking through a box of old photos, something fell out of one of the envelopes. Mind you, the box was full of nothing but photos -- no other ticket stubs or mementoes.

This is what it was. A little freaky, no?

But then again, maybe not: Last week, while flipping channels, I noticed on the cable guide that This is My Life, the 1992 Nora Ephron comedy in which my brother Eric has one line as a waiter, was on. After much back and forth with my husband, who was trying to record something else, we switched to the channel it was on. And literally, at that exact moment, Eric appeared on screen, saying, "Can I get you anything else?" The movie is 105 minutes long, and I've never actually seen it before. What are the chances?

Does this mean I'm supposed to play the lottery or something?


  1. Well, you said it yourself: If the movie is 105 minutes, and he's in it for 1/2 a minute, then it's 1 in 210. Not TOO crazy. :)

  2. Lisa's new nickname: Killjoy. ;-)

  3. And to be fair: he's onscreen for about five seconds. Maybe ten. Added to whatever the likelihood is of happening to turn on the tv during those 105 minutes at all. And happening to see it listed on the cable guide.