Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmaggedon, Part Deux

There really is no way to convey the magnitude of what's happening out there right now. It's truly approaching Biblical proportions. We're filled with a strange mix of awe, excitement and an undeniable hint of fear at what a storm of this magnitude could possibly wreak. There's something curiously primal about this experience, about realizing that for all our technological advances, we are still very much at nature's mercy.

In trying to show just how much snow we have, I found this photo, taken out Alec's bedroom window several years ago. The window looks over the flat roof that covers our back addition. This was the "before" photo for the new roof. (Or maybe that goes without saying?) You can make out the ivy-covered brick garage at left.

And these are pictures taken out the same window this morning. The snow, now totaling close to three feet, was just about up to the windowsill; you can see the corner of the garage at left.

My intrepid husband went out and shoveled it, fearing for our temperamental skylights.

For now, we are warm, we are safe. We made chocolate chip cookies. We just watch and wait. And hope for the best.


  1. great pictures! We're hunkered down too. Wish you could come over for coffee!

  2. Wow! We only got a foot here and we were freaked out by it. Hopefully it warms up sppn so that it all starts to melt. Good luck!