Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Irksome: Some Things Me No Likey

Because let's be real. My last post was way too Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms. To make things right, here are 10 Things That Irk, Annoy or Otherwise Make Me Unhappy. With apologies to anyone who read an earlier version of this on Facebook.

1. Any food that's well-done or burnt.

2. Heavy metal music. Also, in the same vein: professional wrestling. Although I did once do a story about Stone Cold Steve Austin.

3. Far too many grammatical and spelling mistakes to catalog. But I'll go with people who say "I could care less," when they mean they couldn't care less. Because that's not bad grammar. It's just stupid.

1953:  American actors Donna Martell and Ross Ford (1923-1988) embrace in a still from director Richard Talmadge's science fiction film, 'Project Moon Base'.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

4. Science fiction. The whole damn genre. There, I said it.

5. The default assumption that I wanted mayo on my sandwich, even if I didn't specify. Because I didn't. And while we're at it, bread with caraway seeds. Caraway seeds are the devil. In little Satanic seed form. Or something like that.

6. People in crowded public places (stores, airports, etc.) who don't pay attention to where they're going and back everybody else up with their cluelessness. (See also: entitled highway mergers, non-signaling lane-changers.)

Socialite Nicky Hilton drops by the Christian Louboutin boutique in Beverly Hills, CA on February 3, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

7. The popularity of flats and skinny jeans. Whoever is responsible was clearly not thinking of my needs. I cannot rock this look. Trust me.

8. Getting the cuffs of a wool sweater wet, like while washing my hands. Worst. Sensation. Ever. Also, wet socks.

9. TJ Maxx's ridiculous policy of making you put your items on the dressing room hanger so the attendant can count them for you. Even when it's clear you only have one item. Or, more broadly, any unnecessary, officious formality. Inefficiency, generally speaking, drives me bonkers.

FILLMORE, CA - JANUARY 17:  A lemon hangs on a tree at sunrise after another night of cold weather on January 17, 2007 near Fillmore, California. Because record-setting cold temperatures have destroyed an estimated 70 percent of California?s citrus crop. Ventura County is counted among ten that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared disasters, with hopes of receiving federal emergency assistance for hard-hit farmers.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

10. Lemon desserts. Why anyone would bother with lemon when there's chocolate to be had is one of life's great mysteries.


  1. Man, I agree with almost all. I knew you were a sensible, smart woman!

    However I was a metalhead in middle school (have the acid washed denim jacket with Metallica patch on it to prove it) and still have a fondness for good metal that isn't all noise and screech. A good local band gone successful is Clutch.

    And sometimes... I like a lemon dessert. Chocolate sometimes makes my teeth feel fuzzy and I just want something light yet still decadent!

  2. Ha! And I'm totally with you on number 6. I just want to elbow past them.

  3. I sometimes use the phrase I could care less, but mean it.

    You know, I don't care about this subject, but I could, conceivably, care less.

    Like if it was about golf.

    Or my job.

  4. I hate "I could care less." I believe this was my comment on Lisa's post. Hate it. Also hate "irregardless." HATE. And I'm with you on sci fi. Should go the way of rotary phones.

  5. 10. should be applied to all fruits, not just lemon. What's the point of any fruity dessert?

  6. How funny.... I was so, so with you on Every. Single. One. Of. These. I couldn't believe how you read my mind.....
    And then you besmirched lemon meringue pie! And presumably key lime with it!! A duel must be staged, lady.

  7. Stepping in to defend the honor of key lime pie. Which I actually love. Go figure. So I've just saved face with Andrea, but lost some ground with Sarah. Sigh. It's hard to please all you people.

    (Did Lisa say she hates "I could care less" also? Off to check...Great minds and all that.)

  8. Skinny jeans were invented by that one girl who didn't get breast until later to make all of us who did feel bad about the thighs that came with them.

  9. I could do an entire list about food and traffic offenses. Well-done food would be high among them.

    Skinny jeans. Gah.

    We'll just have to agree to disagree on the subject of sci-fi. I am an unabashed sci-fi lover. Can't get enough of the stuff. I don't dress up as a Klingon in my off hours, but I have seen my share of spacey shows. Let the mocking begin.

  10. I love my skinny jeans, I admit. But I am SO with you on lemon desserts.

  11. I just had to comment...because I came here referred by Real Delia, who said she was with you about lemon dessert and she added all fruit desserts.

    There are some people who can not eat chocolate or sugars that are not connected to whole fruit...I am glad you have your not so favorites and favorites lists - I do so like something sweet and I just thought I would defend those folks who love lemon anything :)
    even though this is your list and I probably should not even mention it, as it is not your preference (which is the whole point of your writing today)

    Oh drat, now I have to check the spelling and grammar because that offends you and I just thought it was necessary to reply...Maybe I will have the last word?

    Oh no, now I am getting inefficient with words. I think I better just quit right here.

  12. I hate Sci Fi, too. There I said it. Come get me, Trekkies.

  13. totally agree with everything except for #10 - love lemon more than chocolate (hard to imagine - but true).

    (first time poster - long time sulla/sullamom fan.... nest: Ondrea)

  14. And the lemon debate rages on and on. (Pssst! Patricia! IT WAS A JOKE! HAHA! HAHAHAHA!)

    Wendi, it's now official: you can join me in my bunker at the end of the world. No sci fi allowed. Or lemon desserts. But we can invite CaraBee. Because I like her.

    And welcome Ondrea! So flattered anyone has found me from the Nestie days. (SullaMom? Wow. You go Waaaaay back!)

  15. Hanging one item is like folding one sock.


  16. Have you never had a lemon self-saucing pudding? It's an Aussie thing we used to make called Lemon Delicious - and for good reason. I'm off to the kitchen!

  17. While I am a fan of lemon deserts, I don't get the point of skinny jeans either.

    Maybe because I can't squeeze my thighs into them.

  18. I'm not with you on mayo OR caraway seeds, but holeee SHIT do I feel you on the wool sweater. GAK.